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Livestream rules

Want to be a goodie two shoes hey?!

General Rules


Please refrain from using strong words in the chat, I don’t mind a little but let us keep it understandable here. this also covered racial or sexual slurs of any kind.


Please do not share links without permission, if you wish to show me something please send me a private message or contact me via my website.


If you want to show me your art or projects please message me. Durning the stream it’s unlikely that I will check out the message but I will take time out to go through any messages left after the stream. I do love looking at other people art would but during the stream My focus is to do the project on hand.


I don’t think it’s a thing very often now but using capitals is very very poor communication skills. If you’re sounding like a salesman you have to go…

Participation & Business

Want to be a Mod?

To become a Mod you do have to build a respectable reputation on the stream. I do not hand out permissions, you are rewarded over a period of time which I decide on.


If I’m interested in a collaboration or anything simular I’ll be in contact please send me a private message or contact me via my website and I’ll get back to you in due course.


Donations are typically none refundable due to its nature. On rare occasions where an error occurs, donations can be refunded. please private message me or contact me via my website, errors will be looked into after a live stream.

Live stream purchases

If you’re interested in purchasing a print of an original of the live stream artwork please contact me leaving your bid and contact details.

During the live stream, bids will be privet and the highest bidder is contacted via email or private message once the stream has ended. 

If you wish to have your name mention on the following stream as the winning bidder please let me know or we can keep it private.

Ecomade – Artwork Bid

Thank you for taking a liking in my work!

Not only are you taking the opportunity to purchase a piece of my art which in itself means a great deal but you are helping to support my stream and channel. If you’re fortunate enough to win the bid I’ll be incontact shortly after the live stream!

Arron Davies is a freelance web and graphic designer and creator of Designerjuice, A Web & Graphic Design company now based in Liverpool. Arron has been working online for over 15 years! Originally from South Wales Arron loves to dig into typical creative mediums but specialise's in Digital design.

Arron Davies

Creative Lead, Designerjuice

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