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Learn more about this art and who created it

Ecomade is a website created by freelancer web & graphic designer Arron Davies to focus and exibit his creative hobbies and side projects, Primeraly a web & graphic designer from south Wales Arron does love and has always experiemnted with arts and crafts and originaly dabbeled in oil painting. Ecomade is a personal brand where these works of art can be displayed and offered to people who wish to purchase his work or make a connection.

The main focus of this website is to blog and to talk about work in a much more layback manner and to not focus on perfect grammar but to get content out on the web in a much more layback fashion no strings attached approach to people who show a simular interest in Art and design or to followers of Arrons work.

The website is going to be updated regularly.. well hopfully..

Arron main daily focus is his web and graphic design company Designerjuice that moved to Liverpool in 2016 from the south Wales valleys, for more information about Designerjuice please visit the website so you can get an idea of the scope of work we cover.

Typically web based projects are created along with digial art, running a digial company doesnt normally allow hand crafts to come into play so displaying arts of this type are out the content or slightly alien with the Designerjuice Portfolio which is another reason Ecomade was built,  a webiste souly where the focus is hand crafts.

If you wish to follow just my illustrative works please follow @juicypixel on Instagram and @juicypixel on twitter. any business enquires please head on over to my contact page on means of contacting me.

Arron Davies