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This post is a touch on a detailed service Designerjuice is rolling out, fake page likes is just a small example of miss practices which I explore here. for more information about this movement please scroll down or visit Designerjuice

This is a stand to irrelevant sales and marketing technics that waste money and time, breaking through the old hat and bot tactics that are damaging to brands and existing clientele.

This is a write up in regards to a new partly free service and courses that are going to run out on Designerjuice very soon. For years I’ve seen people lose their rag over online marketing and the topic is so clouded over now that some major points have to be made, over at Designerjuice we’re working on “Transparency Matters”, A service aimed to all online business’ and individuals who really want to learn real genuine factors of marketing and how not to get scammed or even damage their business and brands

As someone who heavily relies on sales generated through the internet, I feel it’s a responsibility of mine to address urban myths and blackhat tricks and how to actually get results with marketing strategies, and importantly free marketing strategies.

So let us start covering some points here.

Fake page likes are not going to generate you any revenue, they are bots… think about it.

You are more than likely to converted a handful of real people into leads so just focus on that, honestly. it’s a fact that start up business’ and by start-up business, I can also mean businesses that have been running for years but in an area where they lake “online marketing” i’ll just use it against them it’s a responsibility of the company to be ahead of their game, or atleast to understand the offside rule.

The internet has been around for a long time now there’s no excuse to be purchasing likes when your time can be focused on simply sales because that’s where you starting revenue is going to be so don’t waste your time trying to sell products to bots you purchased. now I’ve said it this way it just sounds really absurd. the things people do to make themselves feel better in business!

But like most people they tell me it’s just to make the page look active as its a new service to business, that’s also incorrect the numbers only please you the business owner. A page with a few hundred or thousand likes with no activity is very damaging.

So now let’s address the damage, as a business you have a target demographic starting out you ideally need to get active clients following you and any potential referrals it may not seem much but you already have a demographic and you can report on this even if it’s just a few people and of course you can build on this.

Think about all the fake accounts you could have or have that are screwing your demographic up and you may be running facebook, twitter or Instagram ads alongside this and guess where that money is going? it’s putting ads on the dashboards for the bots!

So keeping this short, a number of these points are addressed over on Designerjuice and for a limited time, there’s going to be free and discounted opportunities available to trial our resources and courses on effective honest marketing that can only improve a business.

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Back to ecomade:

Ecomade is a website I’ve created to address things in a little more relaxed manner, break some stories I would like to keep off Designerjuice and to of course share some personal projects, however, I do believe that people who follow me as an individual can benefit from services I work on professionally, if you have been affected by missold marketing or poor advice please consider sharing this post.

Support this cause

More Information about this topic is over on Designerjuice and how you can participate in learning or contributing to the courses and free resources. It’s important that allot of topics are highlighted and addressed accordingly so the written work is heavy for us. It’s important that we break these poor practices, too many businesses are failing every year.

You can see insances where local councils and governing bodies here in the UK support the idea of dated marketing which leads to poor advice. Supporting businesses is a passion of mine, I truly have a soft spot for people trying to make something this day and it’s key for me to campaign to help and address these issues.

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Arron Davies is a freelance web and graphic designer and creator of Designerjuice, A Web & Graphic Design company now based in Liverpool. Arron has been working online for over 15 years! Originally from South Wales Arron loves to dig into typical creative mediums but specialise's in Digital design.

Arron Davies

Creative Lead, Designerjuice

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