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First of all, I want to make a point that this post is more of tips and tricks but before I start I want to address some very common problems I see where procrastination is fed intensively till a point where people get into making procrastination a part of their daily schedule rather than chasing important issues and concerns that will improve their main goals that pay bills, now this is important right?

I guess the correct title for this post should be something along the lines of, how to make money from filling in a journal?

Anyway, let us break down a few things, not all bad that can come into play daily.

A notebook (Business and personal)
A journal (Business and personal)
Bullet Journals (Business and personal)
Address books
Calenders (Business and personal)
Weekly Calendars (Business and personal)
Daily Calenders (Business and personal)
Hourly Calendar (Yes people do set themselves up to fail here)

Now we get onto software
Notebook on phone
Ical (Business and personal)
Google Cal (Business and personal)

This is just touching the basics right here, I know it would be absurd to say that we all use the above at the same time but some people actually do! I can’t even imagine how much time people sometimes spent into planning a plan for a plan to never actually get around to doing anything, Then the circle starts again.. daily.

I once knew a person who had to have therapy because of the clutter they gave themselves, the opportunities they passed and lost because they just focused on the meta of the idea of a career and not actually working at the important part of their initial idea turning the hobby or an idea into a profitable business.

It’s sad to see this and companies every day are releasing more so-called productivity products and software to profit from warped conceptions of being productive! The whole concept just turns into documenting what you want to be in say a few weeks, months, and years.

So here’s where the tips and tricks start and this comes from my own personal experience, you can be productive will allot of the above but just a handful of these things can make a difference, to much just spoils the broth and income.

Pen and paper
There’s nothing better than having a book to pull out once you start your daily routine with your objectives and this can simply be all you need.

I understand the simplicity of a bullet journey and since we know what we are noting down even if it is a special code we have created ourselves we don’t need to elaborate on this in this form a bullet journal is almost an artist way in creating a todo list and I’m cool with this

Information can get very overwhelming especially if you don’t release what’s in your brain onto paper so secondly, I recommend a business journal, the purpose of this journal is to write in a little more detail of what’s happening at the moment or what you plan on happening, this can release allot of stress and anxiety regarding projects clients and business development.

It is very important to have what we call a brain dump, our bodies are amazing things but we can’t all stay up all night thinking about a million things, you need to bring structure and to bring structure you needs to break down your thoughts, ideas and goals.

You don’t need to talk to yourself in multiple languages
the key to moving on with your career goals is to be plan simple and honest. In our business journal right down you successes but also summarise on where some things may have gone wrong. there’s no true guide and definition on how to be a success in whatever you do and there’s no one else who has unmatched guidance so there’s no pressure to perform and of course getting back to the point of this post you don’t need to give yourself anymore work if you’re truly being productive, if you’re doing something correct you don’t have the time for the meta of planning.

So give yourself some time today to look at your planning structure and to see if you are actually going more harm than good to your plans, I’ve seen people fall apart over the meta and mental trivials of being productive rather than being productive.

So simply, I use a bullet theme in one book and in another a more detailed write-up. nothing to worldly elaborated points with equality enough instances where something hasn’t worked out.

Did I mention a sketch book? we won’t all need these as we don’t all draw but it comes in handy on breaks and capters ideas for some arty projects when I have enough personal time ofcourse.

Arron Davies is a freelance web and graphic designer and creator of Designerjuice, A Web & Graphic Design company now based in Liverpool. Arron has been working online for over 15 years! Originally from South Wales Arron loves to dig into typical creative mediums but specialise's in Digital design.

Arron Davies

Creative Lead, Designerjuice


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