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Working without a schedule is something that I have coped with since I can remember and I’ve always been active in trying to get around to doing something about it but since the majority of my clients are based outside of the UK planning something like this is near impossible when you get messages at unsociable hours that you need to act on especially if an issue occurs to a project where you offer cover for, then you have to be obliged to assist in the solution.

The miss conception of a freelancer.

Generally freelancers get miss understood, it can be conceived as a limo career were your holding up for an opportunity with a company where your skills come into play but freelancing have evolved now to a point where it’s just outright a career of its own and it’s very rewarding to offer solutions blue chip companies offer but with the added bonus where projects are very custom and specific that larger companies can’t deliver on because they don’t have the personal touch of a freelancer.

While writing this post it is around 10:10 pm and my phones are still going off with messages from clients catching up with me on progress on projects and new leads making enquiries so my work pattern is very different to the normal person or at least a freelancer who only works on regional projects. I have no problem with the slightest working at this time and working in the evening where I have a movie on still with family around is a great experience it’s inspiring to have people observe you being creative and show a genuine interest and feedback is free flowing.

So getting back to the schedule thing, who needs one really unless you have a boss breathing down your neck, the only thing I really need to focus on is meetings with local clients which in most instances meet up with me at a coffee shop or I go visit them where needed.

I purchased a new camera late last year and I’ve heavily got involved in photographic and video media since then and have even taken on projects that require these skills so I’m out often using this newly found skill that I’m getting allot of personal enjoyment from so being productive in the afternoons and evening comes natural to me no one actually expects me to be working in the day that would be crazy.

So moving on this takes me to another battle that I’ve been having to deal with since my company moved to a large city, that being Liverpool of course.

The time you go through all your mail, chase leads close deals, make sure transactions are clearing on time, subscriptions are running properly direct contact with clients as some really do need their hand held over some projects you come to realise the day is very short.

Not to mention that I have side projects myself and some of these are none profit I do love helping new business’ and giving advice but I can’t stop doing that but Desigenrjuice will be having a free service out very soon to cover advice and support technically and motivationally.

So who needs a schedule when you can’t fit everything into it?

Arron Davies is a freelance web and graphic designer and creator of Designerjuice, A Web & Graphic Design company now based in Liverpool. Arron has been working online for over 15 years! Originally from South Wales Arron loves to dig into typical creative mediums but specialise's in Digital design.

Arron Davies

Creative Lead, Designerjuice

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