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This is a post on my personal definitions of a career with points to back up my perspective on what makes a career versus an employed career.

I may not be literally correct as I don’t think I have a big vocabulary but I’ll break things down hopefully in a way you can understand.

A Career.

What is a career to me and what is a career to others? A career to me is finding your own ability to define yourself and a skill set you have or wish to develop in your own self-created environments, with a controlled atmosphere you can alter at any time to improve your workflow and drive?

A career for an employed person is… and don’t take this the wrong way or get offended if you do follow this career path. if you’re happy with what you’re doing that’s great.

To do your daily routine and to make sure you are apparent on time for years completing repetitive tasks until your performance gets you noticed earning you more responsibilities?” – Then when you feel you have gained enough experience you apply for another job to start all over again in a slightly higher paid environment? IF your new potential employer feels you have the skills they require?? IF you get the job.

So excuse me if I’m in incorrect but I gave up the whole employment routine when I was 17 years old 10 minutes after working in a factory (The limitations to working in the South Wales valleys in the early 00’s, its highly exploitive you don’t get paid even near enough for what you as an individual does for an establishment, company or just an individual.

Your earnings are capped mostly, and it’s depressing in some instances when you realise this is actually not a career.

You can, of course, enjoy your job.. you get paid at equilibrium which results in happiness, you cover your rent you go out from time to time, settle down and so on.

What makes a real career.

A career to me is feeling the heart of your work ethic, you are involved in every deal, project, conversation and bank transfer and it goes on and on. You’re the workhorse that gets feed fruitfully every day, you have more than enough to share.

A career is where you have the ability to be rewarded for your efforts and successes, (Uncapped earnings)

A career is where you can make decisions that effect your entire clientele, your own boss

A career is whatever you decide it is… not what you’re told it is.

Arron Davies is a freelance web and graphic designer and creator of Designerjuice, A Web & Graphic Design company now based in Liverpool. Arron has been working online for over 15 years! Originally from South Wales Arron loves to dig into typical creative mediums but specialise's in Digital design.

Arron Davies

Creative Lead, Designerjuice

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