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Well as you can see here my first post, I don’t actually think I’ve sat down and spammed some text out like this in a long time, well not at least since the last time I cared about what I put on Facebook which was the day I registered there to see it was a load of self-congratulatory updates which allows other mindless people to hop on the back of, it’s quite the perfect place to see mental illness at its best.

Well moving forward from this great opening subject, and to another This website has been in the pipeline for a long time now probably easily for around 6 years, you see I’ve owned this domain name for a long time and it been used for a number of things even a Minecraft server forum which actually was successful but work does get in the way so it’s been recycled into a personal blog which is going to have a few outlets connected to the Illustrations you’ll see added here of the course of this project. and of course, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase at some point but don’t feel obliged.

I do feel it’s necessary to have my art on display but the main purpose of this website is to actually pump some content on the web, share a few thoughts and be a little creative while we’re doing this, you can probably get from the tone of this post that we’re actually not talking about a specific topic but just throwing a few ideas out there and to clarify what this website has been created for. hopefully, this all makes sense.

I guess the point I’m really trying to make here is why is this website all based on hand drawings, well. since being a very small boy I’ve found it fascinating how art can be created with very little resources just time and some initiative and something happening already. I used to paint a hell of allot mainly portraits back in my youth and by portraits me attempting realism which didn’t really turn out to be my thing, I made allot of people feel ugly with my poor attempts.

now I illustrate with what I feel is my natural style though its prone to develop a little more as I think I’m still young so only time will tell and this website is the perfect platform to document my illustrative development.

So now you understand what this website is about let’s talk blogging schedule? or not, I actually don’t feel I should put myself in a position to delivering on a schedule but I’ll attempt to find time per week to update this blog with news, updates, even some interesting topics that come up as they do quite often.

Arron Davies is a freelance web and graphic designer and creator of Designerjuice, A Web & Graphic Design company now based in Liverpool. Arron has been working online for over 15 years! Originally from South Wales Arron loves to dig into typical creative mediums but specialise's in Digital design.

Arron Davies

Creative Lead, Designerjuice

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